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Did you know that hog hunting might save our bacon? Feral hogs are running amok in America according to USDA estimates. They report $1.5 billion of damage due to crop depletion, diseases that infect water, and land erosion around water sources. And all of this because of rogue boars! The best response we have to these porky shenanigans is to organize exotic hunting trips. If you want to go boar hunting and be a part of the solution, you’ll want to bring these essential skills and supplies with you.

  1. Oink - That’s right, time to hone your pig calling prowess. These wild menaces are intensely territorial so learn a boar call and they’ll be on their way to take you down.
  3. Learn To Track - A trail guide is a great source to get familiar with hoof prints and scat. Also look for uprooted shrubbery. This will indicate a hog tried to chow down on some roots.
  5. Group Up - Not only is it more fun to hunt with friends, it’s safer too. Spread out for maximum land coverage and get ready to coax some hogs out of hiding.
  7. Dog Up - Dogs are like your friends in most ways, but they're likely much better at hunting. Since dogs have an incredible sense of smell, they will help you track down your prey and scare those hogs right out into the open.
  9. Pack Some Seasoning - If you want some sizzling strips of bacon wrapped around a thick slab of pork with a rack of smoky ribs on the side, then don’t forget your favorite BBQ sauce. You'll probably also want to bring a sharp hunting knife with you for prepping your beautiful boar bounty.

When preparing for a hog hunt, you are charged with the important duty of protecting America from the growing population of these tasty ill-tempered hooligans. Get your favorite rifle, make some weird noises, and bear down on the feral boar population with all your force. These exotic hunts can be a blast, but remember to put safety first and don’t forget your hunting license. 

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