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Hog hunting trips can be exciting and rewarding experiences for hunters of all ages. You can sharpen your skills and bond with other hunters, coming home with fresh game. But all of this could be ruined if you compromise your safety. Fortunately, there are steps you can take before, during, and after wild boar hunting trips to keep yourself and your hunting partners safe. 

Before the hunt...
By planning well and bringing proper safety gear, you can take initial measures to prioritize your safety. First, it's important to wear proper hunting clothing during your trip. By wearing a bright vest and hat over your hunting clothes, you can keep yourself visible to other hunters. You should also map out your hunting route and create an emergency plan with your hunting group. 

During the hunt...
While you are out hunting, keep your senses sharp and stay aware of your surroundings. Wild boars can be dangerous, so it's important to stay away from piglets and keep open communication with your hunting partners. While it is always safest to hunt from a tree stand, be sure to have an escape route nearby to let you get to elevated territory if a hog becomes aggressive.

After the hunt...
Once you secure a catch, the main concern is to avoid disease. Contact with boar blood could lead to swine brucellosis, and it's essential to avoid contact with other bodily fluids. While dressing the hog, wear gloves and goggles. Work carefully and thoroughly wash your tools and hands after butchering the boar. If you are concerned about handling the boar, you might consider hiring a professional butcher. This way, the meat will be safe to handle once you receive it. 

By taking safety precautions during hog hunting trips, you can make these excursions as productive as possible. About 15.5 million Americans hunt, and there would be far fewer hunting accidents if every hunter took safety precautions. Just be sure that every hunter in your group is on the same page with safety and accident prevention. This will make the hunting trip as enjoyable as possible for everyone.

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