Like most hobbies, getting involved in hunting takes time and money. Hunting gear, licensing, rifles… all the costs can add up fast and that may lead to some reluctance to give hunting a try.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to give hunting a shot without making all those investments. If you’re considering picking up hunting as a hobby or know someone you’d like to get involved in the sport, scheduling a hunt on our high-fence reserve may be a good option for you.

No license needed

In Oklahoma, if you’re over the age of 15, you have to have a license to hunt. Depending on your age bracket, you may also need hunter safety training. While getting licensed isn’t hugely expensive, it takes time and for some people that’s the bigger issue.

The only large game animals you can hunt without a license are wild hogs on privately owned land. And guess what? Hog Wild leads wild hog hunts on our privately-owned high-fence reserve.

So if you want to dip your toes into hunting without getting licensed, we’re a great place to test the waters.

We’ve got spare gear

Buying a good rifle is an investment, and when you’re just trying out a new hobby, it might be an investment you feel uncomfortable making. That’s perfectly OK. Most first time hunters don’t own their own rifle.

If you’re hunting for the first time or bringing someone else out to hunt, we’ve got you covered. We’ll loan you a well-maintained rifle while you’re with us so you don't have to purchase your own or bug a friend to borrow theirs.

Staying safe

Before we start the hunt, we’ll spend time going through safety concepts and give you the opportunity to get comfortable with your rifle with some target practice.

As much as we love the fun and excitement of hog hunting, our number one priority is safety. We want to make sure that all our visitors are well informed and practice safe hunting.

The next step

If you discover that you love hunting and decide you want to get your hunting license, you can find all the details for the licensing process and hunter education training on the State of Oklahoma’s Department of Wildlife website.

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