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There are many kinds of exotic hunts and hunting options in the U.S, but few have environmental benefits like hog hunting does. Hogs reproduce rapidly, having somewhere around 12 to 20 piglets annually, which means that their population grows exponentially. Combined with their aggressive nature, this can make them dangerous to those near their environment.

This is why in many states, such as Texas and Florida, hog hunting trips are encouraged. They cull the population yearly by 70% to keep the numbers under control and promote these exotic hunts nearly all year long.

But how do you have the best hog hunting experience, especially for new hog hunters?

Here are some tips to getting the best out of your wild boar hunting trips:

Be Mindful And Careful

The first thing you have to understand is that hog hunting, like a lot of exotic hunts, is a dangerous sport. This goes for even the most experienced hunters. You need to be careful when you track the animal and keep in mind that wild hogs are highly aggressive.

Know How To Track

Which brings us to our next point, you need to know what to look for when you're tracking. Hogs have tracks that look like a deer's but are wider and rounder. They also have behaviors like rooting, in which they dig through vegetation to find food. Look for uprooted soil for a sign of a hog's presence.

Hunt At Night

Since hog hunting is increasingly popular due to the need to control their population, the hogs have been adapting to the presence and behavior of hunters. Many have become nocturnal as a result. Hunting at night allows you to get access to the best time to hunt.

Several states allow the use of artificial light when hunting, which is important for night hunts.

You should also be aware of the various states and their laws concerning for hog hunting. Some, like Texas, may be more relaxed with their needs for permits and licenses, as they have a hog population of some 2.6 million, but others will be more strict.

The three most popular states for hunting hogs are Texas, Florida, and Louisiana, as they have the largest populations of wild hogs. If you have questions about beginner hog hunting or booking a hunting trip, contact us. We'll be glad to discuss options with you.

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