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Rifle, bow, spear, and knife: there are so many options, but one of the most popular ways to hunt involves man's best friend. Guided dog hunts tend to have higher success rates with bigger hogs. So if you're looking for that perfect trophy to show your friends, book your guided dog hunt now!

The Dogs:

We use two specific breeds in our guided dog hunts: Mountain Curs, and Dogo Argentinos (which are also known as the Argentine Mastiff). Both breeds are known for their hutting abilities, and have been bred for generations to trail game, especially wild boar.

Each dog that takes part in the hunt comes from the Flying G Kennel, owned and operated by the same folks behind Hog Wild. You can find more information about Flying G (and the dogs) by visiting their Facebook , and Instagram.

The Hunt:

Firearms are not allowed on guided dog hunts. This is to prevent any incidents with the dogs. Hunters can only use knives or spears.

During the hunt 3 or 4 dogs will pick up the scent of the hogs, and track them down. Once the hogs are found, the dogs will be let loose. They isolate one of the bigger hogs, and keep it in place by barking at it. At that point, the hunters can come in with a knife or a spear, and make their kill.

Hog Wild leads guided dog hunts the whole year round, day or night. In the summer, these hunts take place during the night when it's cooler, but during the winter and spring months they take place during the day.

If you want to get a better idea of how dog hunts work, check out our video:

Guided dog hunts can take more hunters at a time than most hunts, which makes them perfect for bachelor parties or corporate retreats.

Pricing is available under our "Hunts" page.

Have questions? Feel free to give us a call at 405-HOG-WILD

We look forward to seeing you soon for your hog hunting adventure!

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