Almost every hunter knows someone they’d like to introduce to hunting. It might be a child, their spouse, or maybe a friend. Sometimes, those first-time hunting experiences get delayed or never happen because planning a big hunt on your own takes a lot of time and effort.


We’ve worked hard to make Hog Wild a great place to introduce new hunters to the sport.


Kid & Family Friendly


Some of our favorite experiences on the reserve have been seeing young hunters take down their first animal. It’s awesome getting to be a part of the experience that lights up the fire for hunting that may last their entire life.


Our guides create a family friendly hunting environment that keeps everyone involved safe and comfortable while they’re onsite. We can help as much as or as little as our visitors need to make sure no one feels lost in the mix or confused about what to do next.


For our disabled visitors, we’ve built a wheelchair accessible hunting blind that gives many hunters an opportunity to hunt when they might not have one otherwise.




If your new hunter has never fired a rifle or just needs some solid training to stay safe while they’re hunting, we provide onsite training to keep everyone safe and knowledgable.


We even have a practice range for new shooters to work on their marksmanship. Our guides will  provide training and tips to improve your new hunter’s marksmanship to make sure they’re not going into their first hunt cold.


We can’t promise they’ll be sniper-grade, but a little practice and guidance goes a long way towards improving the quality of their hunt and the fun they’ll have along the way.




Don’t have a rifle? We’ve got you covered. We’ll loan your new hunter a well-maintained firearm to let them hit the ground running (Well, not literally. Running with a gun is a bad idea and that’s something we’ll cover in our safety training.).


So don’t be worried about investing too much in a hobby your new hunter might not keep up with. We’ll provide them with the equipment they need while they’re onsite so they can figure out  if hunting is the right sport for them.


Not every new hunter will catch the hunting bug, but chances are, your hunter will love the experience. We’ve seen young boys and girls as well as older folks who’ve never hunted come in for the first time and discover a passion for hunting that will stick with them for a lifetime.


So if you’ve been wanting to plan a hunt for someone new to the sport, give us a call and we’ll get them setup with the perfect hunting experienced to get them hooked. That way you’ll have someone to take with you on all those cold mornings in the woods.

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