Deer season starts every October here in Oklahoma. But why should you ever have to wait for deer season to bring home a trophy buck? Wouldn't it be nicer to hunt whenever you felt like it? Hog Wild brings you that opportunity.

There are two ways that you can use your kill from a hunt at Hog Wild. You can turn it into a trophy, or you can eat it.


While you don't often hear about boar as cuisine, you're missing out if you don't at least try putting hog on the dinner table.

Once again we've brought in a new exotic for hunters in search of a unique trophy. Allow us to introduce the Jacob sheep. We'll soon have the Jacob sheep available for hunts, so let's take a look at this very beautiful and desirable exotic.

We get several calls from customers who’ve booked trips to The Lodge at Hog Wild and aren’t sure what they need to bring.


What better gift to give to your hunting buddy than a gift certificate to a hunt at Hog Wild? Now you can! We have gift certificates on sale just in time for Christmas.


We like to think that hunting wild boar is a fun and challenging task. But as with anything, there are plenty of myths about hunting hogs. We're going to cover three of these myths and explain why, at least at Hog Wild, these myths aren't based on the truth.

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